Strictly Pancakes!

Finally! Visited the one that I always wanted to try, Strictly Pancakes! The pancakes taste really very different from MacDonald! Strictly Pancakes are mainly on pancakes, to me they are creative in a sense that most dinner they come with rice or noddles etc but they change to pancakes and served with seafood base with prawns of course beside seafood they still have choices of meat either chicken or pork etc. I only get to try their original mix n match style and makes me real full! I would like to drop by again to try out other dishes too! They also have fingers food and beverages like milkshake or the hot chocolate and mocha etc. Can’t wait to visit again!













44A Prinsep Street Singapore 188674 Tel: 6333 4202
Opening Hours: Mon: 6pm – 10pm*,

Tue – Thurs: 1130am – 10pm*,
Fri: 1130am – 12am**,
Sat: 10am – 4pm* & 6pm -12am**,
Sun: 10am – 4pm* & 6pm – 10pm*

*(Kitchen closes 30min before)
**(Kitchen closes 45min before)


Yami Yogurt!

My all time favorite YAMI YOGURT!!! Just want to post this, if you are a yogurt lover, you really should try this! And I always choose the banana boat as is very worth it! Is just $4 and you can choose three flavor and a split banana, some fruits and some peanuts sprinkle on your banana boat! If you doesn’t want you can always take the original regular cup! What are you waiting for, go get yours now!





Yami yogurt
313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset #B3-55 Singapore 238895 (Alight at Somerset Mrt)
Level #B3-55 Tel: 6733 9588 Website:

Tonkotsu King!

Visited Tonkotsu King @ Bugis village on my last weekend! First time here and the ramen was really nice! You can actually choose which flavor you like. This outlet only have five flavor where as the other outlet they don’t the four season flavor. First time heard about where the chef actually came out using ‘seasons’ to represent the dish! The flavor are name as ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’, ‘Autumn’ ‘Winter’ and lastly the ‘King’. I also tried out the ‘Green Tea cola’ but for me the cola is special as is because of the green tea? Anyway you can give it a try! Enjoy!










ramen_06 ramen_09 ramen_08 ramen_04 ramen_05

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons
158 Rochor Road Bugis Village Singapore 188433 (Bugis MRT)

Tel: +65 6333 5740
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5pm – 10:30pm (Mon-Fri), 11:30am – 10:30pm (Sun)

Bear Paw Bun!!!

I was waiting to try this for a long time! Planning to fly to Taiwan, Fenjia Night Market to try this bear paw bun! But now I don’t think is a need as I saw on newspaper and Singapore having their grand opening at Scape! I know bear paw bun at the Jacky Guess show (one of the variety show in Taiwan) they actually introduced this cute little bear paw bun at Feng Jia Night Market. There are quite a lot of flavors of the bun like Yam, original milk flavor, curry, squid ink and etc. Either you choose fillet or chicken karakage and then choose your own dressing. It’s so simple, and the bun was so cute! Is actually like a Chinese version of burgers. So why not give it a try!







Bear Bites Singapore
Scape, 2 Orchard Link #02-42 (outdoor area behind Old Chang Kee), Somerset Singapore 237978
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10:30pm

Grand Park Hotel~

First time visited Grand Park Hotel and tried their buffet! Actually specially thanks to my relatives as they are celebrating their 1st month birthday for their second child and yup congrats and blessed to have this opportunity to taste the food at this hotel! Didn’t take much food as I was busy trying the food over there opps! But the food is really nice and the place and atmosphere was great, while walking pass the lobby there’s actually a open swimming pool quite relaxing hotel! Enjoy the food and place!

hotel_01 hotel_02 hotel_03 hotel_04 hotel_05 hotel_06 hotel_07 hotel_08 hotel_09 hotel_10

Strawberry mousse chocolate desserts~

Hi peeps, love some small desserts? Found this cute little no bake recipe that I’d paste it below. Is called ‘Raspberry mousse chocolate cupcakes’ but I change it to strawberry. Next time will try again and try it with raspberry! Is fun and easy so I decided to give it a try! Doesn’t look like exact but did my best to try it. Shall do it better the next time! Enjoy!

small_01 small_02 small_03 small_06small_04 small_05

Peanut butter cookies! *no bake*

Hi peeps, as my house doesn’t have any oven and I love making desserts! So I’ve Google and found some recipes that no need to bake!  Found no bake peanut cookies and is very easy to do just follow the directions and all. I also youtube to watch those videos and learn and I found it more easier to follow recipes, up to your preferences! I’ve copy the link below and I’d took some photos on the ingredients I used so enjoy and give it a try!

cookie_01 cookie_02 cookie_03 cookie_04 cookie_05 cookie_06 cookie_07 cookie_08 cookie_09 cookie_10 cookie_11 cookie_12