Wimbly Lu Chocolates

Sorry peeps…seriously was busy and not been updated! Now I’m back!!! Ok will introduce some nice delicious desserts found at serangoon! Visited Wimbly Lu Chocolates, hardly find this place as is located at some private houses. Queued for 30mins and finally got to try their popular molted lava chocolate, apple crumble and waffles ice cream!!! So why not is a must try for their waffles and molten lava chocolate!!!



Strawberry mousse chocolate desserts~

Hi peeps, love some small desserts? Found this cute little no bake recipe that I’d paste it below. Is called ‘Raspberry mousse chocolate cupcakes’ but I change it to strawberry. Next time will try again and try it with raspberry! Is fun and easy so I decided to give it a try! Doesn’t look like exact but did my best to try it. Shall do it better the next time! Enjoy!


small_01 small_02 small_03 small_06small_04 small_05