D’ good Cafe~

Hi foodelicious peeps, is cafe recommendations. Visited D Good Cafe, is near holland village. Drop at holland village mrt and walk over. Such convenient place and easy to find too! Nice pasta and drinks they have. If you want some desserts they also have their signature strawberry cheesecake! Is a good place to chill and chit chat or gathering with friends. Relax and have a cup of mocha!



















Wimbly Lu Chocolates

Sorry peeps…seriously was busy and not been updated! Now I’m back!!! Ok will introduce some nice delicious desserts found at serangoon! Visited Wimbly Lu Chocolates, hardly find this place as is located at some private houses. Queued for 30mins and finally got to try their popular molted lava chocolate, apple crumble and waffles ice cream!!! So why not is a must try for their waffles and molten lava chocolate!!!


Hello Kitties Lovers~

Hi hello kitties lovers, had you try out the new hello kitty desserts? They have two new bread (I don’t think is bread but it doesn’t really look like a bread to me) and doughnuts! The bread is actually stuffed with slices of strawberries and whipped cream and the doughnut is just shaped like hello kitty. But for me i prefer doughnut. The doughnut come with two flavors, chocolate with rainbows fillings and another is white chocolate with rainbow fillings. They can get it at any ‘Breadtalk’ outlet. I think the hello kitty desserts has a period of time selling so if you like it just go grab it while the period ends! And as for the cake is not selling at ‘Breadtalk’ but is actually from ‘Cakes Avenue’ is a online shop where customers can customized their cake. The link is below is you want more details!


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Ok let us rewind back to that special day~ ♥

Osia Bar & Restaurant is actually located at RWS (Resort World Sentosa), is a fine dinning restaurant! Had this on that special day, if you have any special request like birthdays or anniversaries just let them know and some special surprise you might get. Like as for me I got a small chocolate cake from them, besides that I think their services are good, they just ask you like hows everything and etc. So if you are looking for this kind of restaurant you can give it a try! The ambience is nice too!

beef bread cake lamb