Strawberry mousse chocolate desserts~

Hi peeps, love some small desserts? Found this cute little no bake recipe that I’d paste it below. Is called ‘Raspberry mousse chocolate cupcakes’ but I change it to strawberry. Next time will try again and try it with raspberry! Is fun and easy so I decided to give it a try! Doesn’t look like exact but did my best to try it. Shall do it better the next time! Enjoy!

small_01 small_02 small_03 small_06small_04 small_05


Peanut butter cookies! *no bake*

Hi peeps, as my house doesn’t have any oven and I love making desserts! So I’ve Google and found some recipes that no need to bake! ¬†Found no bake peanut cookies and is very easy to do just follow the directions and all. I also youtube to watch those videos and learn and I found it more easier to follow recipes, up to your preferences! I’ve copy the link below and I’d took some photos on the ingredients I used so enjoy and give it a try!

cookie_01 cookie_02 cookie_03 cookie_04 cookie_05 cookie_06 cookie_07 cookie_08 cookie_09 cookie_10 cookie_11 cookie_12