Hello Kitties Lovers~

Hi hello kitties lovers, had you try out the new hello kitty desserts? They have two new bread (I don’t think is bread but it doesn’t really look like a bread to me) and doughnuts! The bread is actually stuffed with slices of strawberries and whipped cream and the doughnut is just shaped like hello kitty. But for me i prefer doughnut. The doughnut come with two flavors, chocolate with rainbows fillings and another is white chocolate with rainbow fillings. They can get it at any ‘Breadtalk’ outlet. I think the hello kitty desserts has a period of time selling so if you like it just go grab it while the period ends! And as for the cake is not selling at ‘Breadtalk’ but is actually from ‘Cakes Avenue’ is a online shop where customers can customized their cake. The link is below is you want more details!


hk hk_01 hk_02 hk_03 hk_04 hk_05 hk_06 hk_07 hk_08


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